Initiator and Publisher of the Erongo Verzeichnis for African game animals is the Namibian Professional Hunter Kai-Uwe Denker, who deems it important to preserve vast, natural wilderness areas in Namibia and Africa; and to especially present the harsh beauty and uniqueness of pristine, unadulterated Namibian hunting grounds in context with the manifold and variety of hunting areas and possibilities on the African continent.


Like many other hunters, he knows of the necessity to carry out and legitimise hunting as a respectful, expertly activity.
This includes the responsible utilisation of natural resources and pursuing trophy hunting in such a way that the heredity traits of the game animals are preserved through natural selection and can be passed on; meaning that through trophy hunting only those specimens are utilised which have largely been able to pass on their genes or are even past their reproductive prime.
Preservation of pristine wilderness areas is the conservation of natural biodiversity, including the beasts of prey, which — like the human — naturally regulate other animal species.
The Erongo Verzeichnis aims to promote and strengthen these endeavours.