As soon as the appropriate material has been accumulated, and entries for the different species have been submitted, the Erongo Verzeichnis for african game animals will be published. The intend is to publish a well written, informative book, in which there will not be endless lists of entries, but rather vivid descriptions of African hunting grounds and game species described in their behaviour and characteristics. The game species will also be displayed on plates by an artist. For each species there will be a list of the top 10 trophies, however not advertising the professional hunter or specific hunting area. The hunter, the date of the hunt and the region of hunting will be displayed along with the measurements and ranking.
This Erongo Verzeichnis should be a home to those hunters, who long for expertly hunting of African game animals in their natural habitat and pristine wilderness.


Only trophies qualify for the Verzeichnis that have been hunted

  • in the natural, historical habitat of the specific species

  • in an area, where the game animals are able to elude the pursuits of the hunter beyond the boundaries of such an area

  • in an area where at least one of the five large african beasts of prey occurs (Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, African Wild Dog and Spotted Hyena) and evidently regulates the game populations in the specific area

Cheetah - one of the large predator species

The trophies are measured according to the following criteria:

  • relevant measurements of the specific trophy like for example length and base circumference of the stronger horn or tusk; ivory weight of the heavier tusk in elephants

  • a multiplier, which takes into account the age of the hunted animal, so that mature old trophies score higher than equally strong younger trophy-carriers

Ancient Gemsbok Bull

The Erongo Verzeichnis aims to strengthen and refresh hunting in its claim of applied nature conservation and to portray hunting in such a way that the non-hunting public does not take offense to hunting if looked at in an objective and unemotional manner.

The Erongo Verzeichnis should strengthen the preservation of vast, pristine wilderness areas with the natural range of game animals and predators, and also emphasise hunting as respectful utilisation of natural resources, as well as the hunted trophy in it’s meaning as memorabilia and its aesthetic, decorative value.