Good news!
The Kuduhunt-video that was filmed for the Erongo Verzeichnis and the Erongo Mountain Rhino Sanctuary Trust, won the first prize in the “International Hunting- and Naturfilm Competition” at the Jagd&Hund Hunting Show in Dortmund!

> Press Release of the EMRST from 27.11.2017 here <

We herewith would like to present a new “Verzeichnis” (please see below for information) for African trophy animals through the “Erongo Mountain Rhino Sanctuary Trust of Namibia”. The ‘Erongo Verzeichnis for African game animals’ will be developed over a period of years, and we would like to inform the hunting community about this project in the meantime.
We are happy about your interest in this project!

The Erongo Verzeichnis primarily aims at the protection and conservation of natural, vast habitats, and the naturally occurring fauna and flora. Hunting and the hunter is seen as a part of the natural system.

Due to continued misconception of the English name “Erongo RECORDBOOK for African game animals”, we have decided to slightly change the english name. It will now be: “
Erongo Verzeichnis for African game animals”.
“Verzeichnis” is a german word, however there is no adequate word for our purpose in the English language. Verzeichnis means as much as index, a book to read stuff up - but as said, there is no English word that describes our purpose appropriately.