Since the first half of 2010, the “Erongo Verzeichnis für afrikanisches Jagdwild” is published on a half-yearly basis. It is a magazine, which is published in german for the time being, due to financial constraints. The magazine informs about the different African game species; the fascinating, pristine habitats and other relevant information, building up to the actual ‘Erongo Verzeichnis for African game animals’.
Of course we do not want to exclude any interested hunter, and we are busy translating the magazine content to English. Selected articles will then be published on this website.
The actual book will also be published in English.

Kudu bull in rugged mountain surroundings

The Erongo Verzeichnis for African game animals has a committee of three, which decides on certain aspects of the Verzeichnis. Furthermore there is a group of professional hunters and experts who meet on a half-yearly workshop where all relevant aspects of the Verzeichnis and the magazine are discussed. This panel of experienced professional hunters and experts will in the end also contribute largely to the actual book.

This website (and the magazine) offers those hunters who long for pristine, true hunting experiences and who are offended by the commercialisation and corruption of true hunting, a forum.
For more information please feel free to contact us on

The endless Namib desert