On Saturday, the 25th of April, we had an exam for Erongo Recordbook Measurer. The exam took place at Trophäendienste Taxidermy outside Windhoek and took place in good spirit. There was a theoretical part and a practical part, where we had a lot of trophies from Trophäendienste Taxidermy on display.
In total 5 took the exam and passed, and were confirmed as official Erongo Recordbook Measurers.
The following passed the exam: Jürgen Hoffmann, Ernst Ludwig Cramer, Kai-Uwe Denker, Sigurd Hess and Hagen Denker.

We herewith would like to present a new “Recordbook” for African trophy animals through the “Erongo Mountain Rhino Sanctuary Trust of Namibia”. The ‘Erongo Recordbook for African game animals’ will be developed over a period of years, and we would like to inform the hunting community about this project in the meantime.
We are happy about your interest in this project!